Three Poems – Anthony Dragonetti

Blade Joy


You say you need me
so why do you talk to me
that way?

I am saying into the mirror

High heel whispers
from far down the hall

Do you know I’m down here lady?
A complete prick
But I’ll make you laugh
So invite me on up
I am prepared
to put all of my
in you

I’m standing on a chair with a steak knife
between my teeth
I’ll cut a hole in the floor
Pop my head in
Lead with a joke

But I know I won’t
get through

I take a seat on the chair and
look up
hoping maybe a drop of your sweat
will somehow seep between floors
and I can taste you

Finally I feel my
phone vibrate and it’s her
so we can forget
that this whole thing
ever happened

But if you ever need a cup of sugar


Peroxide Lou


My my
it’s that old electric feeling
the first day it hits 50 degrees
after a long winter
or 8 hours rest
and the hormone balance
is just right
What’s left of the memory
of when the speed first
hits the blood
but that was forever ago now
What if you left her
put on the leather jacket
quit your job
bleach your hair and have a shave
peroxide Lou
the rock n roll animal
a boy and girl on each arm

The only things holding any of us back
from the endless possibilities
of idealized strangers who
exist solely for our pleasure
are the people who love us

Oh what a feeling
but it’ll pass
The half life of a cup of
coffee is five hours


I Can’t Afford Paris (I Can’t Afford Klonopin)


Every one I know at some point
has come back from Paris
and they all return

I have seen Breathless
numerous times
and you cannot study
at the Sorbonne

what good is it to me?

I say this and sip my coffee
looking at her over
the rim of the mug

She rolls her eyes

and for that moment

I keep a breath between my chest and throat

until she laughs
and I can release
the carbon dioxide
that I seem to be
developing some
immunity to

Practice pays off

And when we go to bed tonight
she’ll offer me a Xanax
that I won’t refuse

I’ll wake up only five
times instead of fifteen
and with each opening
of my eyes

I will find the shape of
her body and the smaller
one of a dog

so I can remind myself
that this I haven’t
ruined no