Three Poems – Cait Reynolds

February is Short and Unforgiving


The moon is destructive

mine resides in Scorpio

Let me keep this secret

it feels sacred when I’m quiet

let me be anxious with the dark

I’ll swim in your black water pool

what lies at the bottom does not concern me

Beasts and death scare me the least

We have frayed nerve endings in our fingertips

is that why we pushed them

inside of each other

deeper than we ought have

I’d let you rearrange my organs

to find a safe place

to leave whatever you have

left to give me

In my chest cavity

Frosted womb

Eroded stomach

You get caught in my throat

but leave enough room

for me to breathe

Barely, but still

that is what you’ve left me

enough room to breathe



Hell’s Canyon


Happiness was 3 a.m.

Romantic and drunk

and I believed in something

but my belief system was mercurial

You were not my savior

not my Holy Ghost

You were just a fellow cult follower

a slave to words

to a melody

not fully realized

We held each other’s depressions


Absorbing sweat

and broken promises



Crimes of Passion


A darkness took hold of me

entered through my mouth

and mind

It made me tear open healing wounds

on a man’s arms

Bruise and claw

Extending no sympathy

but biting into skin like a starved animal

My evil is fertile

All consuming and driven by guilt

I wear a crown of hemlock

around my shamed shorn hair

At night my eyes

are black and feral

and I am vicious

in my virile communions with men

A loveless act

I walk away from the hot rotting carcasses

and sleep in a sensual Hell