Three Poems – Sophie Ruth


I know what you tell the soil but it’s all made up
I felt you turning in my belly
i felt you twitching in my pussy
Is it possible to keep a live baby in my body
Is it wrong to keep a baby alive from my body
I know what I tell the moon but it’s all made up


milk doesn’t grow on trees but i could still feed you

i expect that me and a 50 year old man in thick jeans work boots and a meal from the gas station feel the same way in our hearts

except his meal is still defrosting and he has slush on his boots


Have you ever felt a keyboard that was thinner than a sheet
Have you ever been inside a cave so deep you saw where the caveman sleeps?

“Let it wash over you” so I let it wash
Less of a wash and more of a soak

Winter is the time I try to blow out all the candles
Fireplaces and mountain snow is in my mind but rotting pb & j is in my stomach