Daily inflammatory wheelbarrow


I talk so as to acquire fevers
banging walking stick equine
killing Jolly Roger Creeping Jenny

Seconds able bodied
I scold insignia
to fund sloth
to formulate centuries
like a poisoned flipbook


Relayed delayed displayed digitation


Preferred perfume a scam
vegetation undermined corporate culture
regurgitating cinematic glee
dragging formless hit pause to drown
tho who would rather beep beep
than game the systematic marquee
asked to pretend for hacking forsaken
ruined tipping point volcanic ignition


A Banned Discrepancy Fluttering Beneath Overzealous Tissue Paper


The art of self-congratulatory sleeping among streets of variations & timid arms pushed to the cyanide edge where Cyrano de Bergerac croons & Mamie Van Doren skins donkeys eating yogurt filled eczema / then a folding chair / then a nun / then a percussive diaphragm littered with tomato juice concentrate / leeks / squeaks / speaking of the decline of western culture look no further than the outhouse post office shrunken down to the size of an ice cold tricycle speeding up & slowing down without willful ignorance to blame for the guilt ridden crash test dummies filling the freezers of tomorrow with the agonies of today / stop / on a dime / too bashful to rhyme / too obsessed to mind / if there was life on Mars the bathtub wouldn’t be any different / so what / so there they went on dune buggies looking to collapse a shark’s lung & extrapolate on the meaning of rice pudding / long ago / long enough / easy in the breezy nightclub dancing while it burns / burn! burn! burn! / now how do you know how to then a then b then ending up a z / kaboom / zoom / zoom / zoom / wilderness merging with canine teeth yellowed / strained / the pain / shame / of it all / as they face folding in on themselves / following the path of least existence / sprained sphincter / ease / flip flops of despair / a kiss to build a bridge & a tongue to destroy it.