To Search & Suggest – Dom Schwab

Illogical and Circular?


If I am gay(, whether I am single,
hooking up, or in a relationship),
then I live a gay lifestyle. I am gay;
therefore, I live a gay lifestyle.

But what’s the point of being gay
if nobody wants to view me romantically?
What’s the point of being such a good friend
that no potential partner views me sexually?
Why is this always my fate?

Well, the sooner I put myself out there
and try to meet other gay men, the better.




Take my hand, you quiet, pleasant thing.
If you but lead me home, I shall protect you from the world,
from the rain & sunlight both alike.

I have spent my time & money on men less deserving
than the beauty that you are, so:
With courage & with lust, take my hand & take me home.


These Pictures of Us


We can photograph our life together.
Each picture captures new and vibrant colors.
When we’ve taken a million pictures,
we’ll name all the colors of our love.

We’ll take our camera with us
wherever we choose to go.
We’ll snap a photo here and there,
catching our colors for a 5×8 area of space.

We can hold hands and kiss in public,
walking down a sunny lane in the park.
We’ll gaze into each other’s eyes and
swing together until the stars shine overhead.

We can go up to your room together,
open the blinds on a rainy night, watch
the dark clouds roll across the sky, and listen
to the raindrops as we spoon in your bed.

We’ll capture more than colors and ourselves:
We’ll capture, first and foremost, our love.
We’ll divide these photos between us:
Photos of love between you and me.




Maybe one day, one day soon,
I’ll return to my old self:
Toiling with conviction &
Feeling confident presenting
Sonnets I’ve composed for you(,

But that can wait another day..).