TV Poems – Emily Nicol

“TV Poem 1”



You and I and big data are all on the group chat:

“took my [ideology] on a walk today”

needed some fresh air,


can one ignore the history of the united states while fucking someone?

how do i fuck someone outside of history? 


I am alive in America, watching tv

I am watching tv, alive in America


write to me: “open real girl”

feeling not very open or real rn






thinking on the job– 

does my pussy have Use Value?

am I  Productive?


how strange


feel like a flung rag

stack of scantrons

some ‘office supplies’




“TV Poem 2”


I am standing in my kitchen in front of my stovetop

and I set fire to my kitchen in some Interesting Way.

“It’s fucking lit;”

I say this to the camera, face framed with flames.


–commercial break–


I am sitting at my desk, 

adjusting my name plate,

when I throw up on myself, again
and again and 

I look up and smile

“that’s all folks;”

I repeat that until I fall asleep.