Variable Poems – CM Keehl


today is the day & you are not it

a tiger in a wolf suit
a wolf in a human

an alien underneath everything finally peeled away

all ways the always you’ve been waiting

is it what you came for
a yawn full of water
the last noise you register: construction

sitting in an arm chair waiting for death


no, no
all this blood under talons

itch the self back into

hacking reality
an empty set is still something
holding all the nothing to exist.



higgs boson observed discovering is discovery          

live wire lick fire from physicists

from years I  manifest a forest of  hypotheses
hypothetical ways I break down

process what pine was mine what forest
was waiting possibility in the dark

you see there was a door but I didn’t dare not disturb
every surface is event             horizon

imaginary separation matter & meaning
no point no return      






even if what’s seeking you isn’t hidden
variables what could be
what could be not


places I find my dad’s blood
when he’s too drunk to remember
it’s crying to survival mode

waving goodbye
a function collapsed
when observed







hilbert’s space complete anything
is impossible entscheidungsproblem got 99 problems          

& notions are not effectively calculable please

don’t get all lambda calculus on me


limitations of understanding don’t go beyond amount how

many breakfast sandwiches I won’t eat to be in control








computability I  am incompatible unless facetiming the internet     
I’m king equivalent with beta reduction unable to go beyond           

can you believe?         

natural numbers I am neighbor to proxima b             

4.23 light years away & I still so arbitrary

but did my uncle’s suicide have a point
unknown to me          

I am quanta questioning what’s orbiting at center

I am standing on the deck where he died






maybe it is all a dream & the enhancements are enactments upon which I am acting out
when the senses I sense a stimulating spectacle & there needs

a spectator speculating said circumstance
there I go again circling about need

when with what                      the context is, well,
here I am opposed to anywhere else

& if I am entangled? then I’m all tangled up

a snake in place of your intestines
veins, vines     winds through
a seed, planted, placed

all parts interconnected

all parts interconnected

all parts



G 0 1 D E N   H 0 U R


with purple skies I kicking, spit with orange
sparkle mouth unfolding infinity into every direction
can you believe the comfy level of this awkward position?!
I am speaking not of fatherly love if you know I’m not not king
but still a little wimp goes a long way
but then the long way down tries to show up
the gravity of setting sun. oh! the memories of memory
I’m just asking please hold my poles out tender
I want to quick release knot my hammock
for all the grand finales I have left.



library parking lot break. a new system but same old tasks. the force that keeps me coming back is? rain on a hot sunny day & every confusion. the job I could perform goes like this. or this. or none of the above. including not limited to. fear. the excitement. the thunderstorm turned tornado turned I am always turning. distance I will break my back to spread across. every last rib. a snap off into the old light reflectatrium. every colour felt like teeth. all speak with nothing to say. all words with no lips to march up the case. I heard once that imagination is a plane of real relief. like real. it’s all so real. the shock of cold wet on skin. I am here. I am here. here I am my own belief.



Want to dream most perfect   utopia              but I am with out. Scientific language. Or legs. Mis pronounc-        ed it. Joke that gets laid to the ground always a little late. I was getting up   once upon a time        Time was a resource-  able source. Where god dimension laughing I’m flora & fauna I’m sprouting a black hole baby less

gut. Pronounce it biology. Birthing. Being of & being of course       cosmos            Cosmic. Consciously seeking. A kind of cinematic cranium circumference            myself a circle shape               Ohh. I was bored. Into create. I was born into this creation             a creature. I create

I mean don’t you know          what I mean. The crude question                   marking shape into body. Theoretical & parenthetical.         I am    parent. In myself. Apparent                   presenting       to selfie speaking mantras in the mirror. To get lost in to get lost in. To get in         what my mouth cannot make                but my body keeps on trying to snake

within. Easy. A line to follow. Speaking particle into point
how this poem suddenly turned snake all along
My twin. Bore binary into     wise.

Bleeding tail another try. I’ve been slithering all along.



is it art if we call this new love modern?


standing in front of a pollock & maybe it’s too warm or maybe i’m sick     

so much to say and yet / a cove / there is / a great wall i cannot conform to /  sound / what i should become / i don’t know / i don’t / know / if   this process is worth / partaking / parlaying/ parking the car underneath earth / for 50 dollars / we stare at art  / expression being / a little        stoned / a lot in          love / & what good ever came / of that feeling?