Veiled – Tom Kane

Sweet creek of isolation, breathe in deep
Exhale the poison of false hope, the model
The one who sold you, now reappears, success bleeding upon us all
Copy the copy, chic plastique imprinted on sacred scrolls
Unraveling the mystery of life, selling the struggle that infects us all
Bargain bin persona, nouveau riche beliefs
Indebted to the experience, care given only to the scheme

stick to the script of conformist originality
lacking conviction, the zeal that never existed

Perception of depth falters muddled vacation home dreams
The worms turn following the flood, impulsively quaking
Expelled from the filth, begging to bathe in the cyst
Aerate the nerve that runs deep
build the tissue
numb the scar

Drown yourself in sweet relief
embrace the net that sets you free
Truth as lucid ambivalence, the spirit of friendship
Pleasantly semi-formal, the kiss behind the teeth
Downed and disappointed by the ones you love
The ones you thought cared, all for show
Exception expected
Yet it must go on

Steel and sodom, we glorify your name
The daze of reality held aback
in the distance, fleet footed and concrete
anchored in the sea
Screeching at the misunderstood, legitimate
Hackneyed piece, testament for the new fantasy

Searching for signals of potential untapped, horizons seeping in the marsh, deep
invasive norms plague the ancient methods
Tranquil harmony replacing rhythmic pangs
Adapt or die in this toxic plain

Aches throughout, the shedding of youth
Venomous pastimes soak through the stream
Deviation receding, polaroid expressions shine with a false sheen
The individual as a collective, a drop in the ocean
Red tide overtaking the seas