venereal reconciliation – Alexis Barton

her freckles spread like distant constellations
painted sparsely in places with a heavy hand
across cheeks shadowed by her montana sapphire eyes
that flicker feverishly as they pin me down
and steal my breath from me.
her petite lips curling up in both corners
making me believe she is happy to see me
making me forget how much i dislike my own smile
as it spreads uninvited across my face
like wildfire in the dark.
her faint smell of mandarin oak laced with leather still lingering
mixed with hips like thunder, rolling uninhibited
as her body whispers all the affirmations
to questions i’ve lately been too afraid to ask.
her hands soft, like saltwater
drowning my fragile self in the feeling of the ocean
stored safely within the depths of her otherworldly being.
every dose of her opening all of the doors i closed, years ago
and making me forget why i’d ever promised
i’d never hand another woman the key.