Vision of End – Elora

The vision I received was the most terrifying thing I have ever seen, worse than any nightmare or mundane crime. Our earthly floor was cracked, and inside the cracking was redness, almost looking like fire and lava, but a much deeper tint. The ground was a dark stone, and buildings that were once cities were nothing but dark and ashy and torn away. Shackled feet dragged across the ground, leading misery to its labour. The result was a large wheel being turned by desperate hands. Among the faceless people were faceless creatures of absolute terror; their entire construction could not be made up for explanation. This was the closest I have ever been to capturing even a glimpse of the demonic form. Just to the right of the wheel was a platform in which there was what I assumed a higher ranking demon of some sort, and two others by his side. Again, my vision was blurred from seeing any identifying feature.

There was a big circle on the ground with many indescribable letters and more layers of circle in between in the stone ground. The stone where it was engraved was a much brighter colour. The sky above it was brighter as well, apart from the rest of the sky which ceased to exist, and was nothing but complete blackness. I stood in the circle and looked down. Starting from one point of the outer ring in the circle started to appear this extremely bright, shimmery white light that looked very watery and flowed around the circle like a spiral before starting to rise and flow like a lava lamp. The emotion changed from absolute hopelessness, lifelessness, and endlessness to hopefulness and ultimate divinity.