Whiskey Music – Renny Ramone

Truth has no desire, expects nothing
Wish that was the way I could just be
Get so tired sometimes hungry
Some fire burning inside of me
A longing crier comes to confess everything
Thought somehow might set me free
A death so dire I could not plea
Some seconds shyer my eyes still see
Slow shots from higher show my blinding
Touch turned to pyre with every degree
Veins on a wire
Tightroped roots of a tree such is we

All my lies are true I swear on this earth, no disrespect but mother why give me birth
You knew this place was dirt
Lying in my mother’s purse
Stretched out on the backseat of a hearse
Ignorance finds bliss but I must know the worst
Read the last chapter it turns just like the first
Back where we started when was that burst
Keep coming back from death, believe it it’s a curse