Whiteface [excerpt] – Sam Burnett

I opened my eyes. Glenn, in a shadow, stood at the foot of my chair, his figure eclipsing the sun that shone from behind him.

        “What?” I said.

        “You’re red. You got sunburn.”

        “Oh, my god,” said Kim, sitting up. “You did. Look at you. You’re so red. Oh, my god. It hurts just looking at it.”

        “It’s just a little pink,” I said, looking myself over. “I don’t feel anything.”

        “You’ll feel it tomorrow,” said Kim. “You’d better put some aloe on that.” She then turned her head to Glenn. “That was quite a performance you gave last night.”

        “Right,” said Glenn, removing his shirt, kicking off his flip flops, and taking a seat in the chair next to me. “I’m sure it was. I’m surprised I didn’t break any mirrors.”

        “Oh, come on,” said Kim. “You were amazing.”

        “I’m glad my embarrassing myself was entertaining to you.”

        “Aww. You weren’t that bad. At least, you tried. I can never get this one to do anything,” She pointed her thumb at Brad and made a screwy face.

        “I’m not usually so brave.”

        “You did seem to be a bit tipsy.”

        “I was more than tipsy. It was the bai jiu. It’s poison. I’m never touching that stuff again. I certainly won’t be singing anymore karaoke either.”

        “Oh, boo. You’re no fun.”

        I got up while they were still talking, got another rum punch from the bar, and sat at a table in the shade of a gazebo. Some minutes later, Glenn joined me. 

        “I don’t know exactly how to say this,” he said. “So, I’m just going to say it. It’s about last night. I feel pretty bad about what happened.” 

        I wasn’t sure what he was talking about. I thought back, trying to remember if something had happened the night before that he should be apologizing for. I couldn’t think of anything.  

        “I don’t normally go to those kinds of places,” he said. “I mean, I’d never even set foot in a place like that before. And I don’t mean to pass any judgment. But I’m just not the kind of guy that goes to places like that.”

        I tried not to take offense. I was once not the kind of guy that went to those kinds of places either. 

        “Don’t worry about it,” I said. “I’m not going to tell anybody. Neither is Danny.”

        “It’s not that I don’t want anyone to know about it. I mean, I don’t. I certainly don’t want that getting out. It’s not a very good look for somebody in my position. But that’s not what I’m talking about. What’s bothering me is that I went through with it at all, you know. I should’ve just walked away. And again, I don’t mean to pass any judgment. But I’m not like that.”

        “I don’t know what to tell you,” I said. “It’s not that big of a thing. And besides, you were drunk. Blame Danny if you want. He talked you into it.”

        Kim and Brad interrupted the conversation. Kim asked if we had any plans for the night, and, before either of us had answered, said that we were welcome to come by their place later. She was making quinoa meatball subs and Parmesan eggplant fries for dinner. And they’d have drinks too, of course. Glenn said that it sounded good to him, and that he would come by around six if that was okay. I said that I’d think about it, but that I might just stay home and take it easy. Kim said to Glenn that six o’clock was perfect, and told me to suit myself and that the door would be open if the mood hit me. And they walked away.

        “There’s something else that I wanted to talk you about it,” Glenn said. “About Ivy.”

        “What about her?” I said, coldly. 

        “You two are just friends, right?” 

        “That’s right.”

        “Because I just wanted to make sure. I don’t want to be stepping on your toes.”

        “She has a boyfriend.” 

        “I know. But I really like her. And I just wanted to make sure that you were okay with it, you know? So, if you don’t mind…”

        “I don’t mind at all.”


        That night I went back to the Shangri-La. I picked out a girl with a pretty face, starry eyes, big tits and curvy hips. She wore a strapless black spandex dress and black high heels. She had long wavy hair, the color of caramel, and honey colored skin. Her legs were nice, tight, and smooth. 

        The girl and I went together to a private room. The room was decorated like Valentine’s Day. The carpet was crimson. The walls were covered with a white and silver glitter damask wallpaper, designs of burlesque feathers and flowers. On both sides of the bed, there were red roses in white vases on white tables. The bed was circular. The linens were white, and the headboard was heart-shaped and upholstered in red velvet. There were red and white pillows of different shapes and sizes. 

        I sat on the bed. The girl stood, with her back to me, looking into a standing mirror, and put her hair up into a bun. She then unzipped the back of her dress, down to the top of her ass, and pushed her dress down over her hips and let the dress fall to the ground. She was not wearing a bra. She stood, topless in high heels, covering her chest with crossed arms. She turned her head to the side and looked at me out of the corner of her eye, smiling. She turned around to face me, opened her arms, and posed with a hand on her hip and her hip cocked. Her tits were round and full, like grapefruits. She came to me. I put my hands on her hips, and I slid my hands up over her breasts and squeezed her nipples. She opened her mouth, shuddered slightly, and let out a single faint moan. She turned around, crossed her ankles, and bent forward with her legs straight, sticking her ass in my face. She put her thumbs under the waistband of her panties and slowly pushed them down. I squeezed her ass and pushed my thumb into her pussy. She stood up straight, spun around, kicked off her heels and kneeled in front of me. She removed my shoes and socks. She put the shoes under the bed, and laid the socks neatly inside a heated cabinet by the wall. She crawled back to me on her hands and knees. She slid her hand from my knee along the inside of my thigh to my cock. She squeezed my cock. I got hard. I stood up. She stood up too. She took off my shirt. She unbuckled my belt, and yanked it from my jeans. She unbuttoned and unzipped my jeans, and got on her knees. She pulled my jeans and underwear slowly down. My dick popped out. “So big!” she said. She tickled it with the tips of her fingers and touched it with the tip of her tongue. Then she got up, folded my clothes, and put them in the heated cabinet. 

        We went to the bathroom. The floor and walls were covered in ivory color tiles. There was a massage table, shower and sink, and a toilet. The girl hosed the massage table with warm water. I laid face down on the table. She hosed me with warm water and lathered me with soap. She put down the hose and sat between my legs and massaged my calves, my thighs, my ass cheeks, my back, and my shoulders. She laid on top of me and slid her body up and down against mine, moaning. She kissed up and down my spine. She kissed my neck and licked the inside of my ears. She sat up between my legs again and slid her hand under my crotch and tickled my balls, and then put her hands on my hips and pulled me up onto my knees. I stayed there like a dog. The girl got a bottle of antiseptic from the cabinet above the sink and sprayed the antiseptic into my asshole. It burned, a cool burn. The girl stuck her tongue into my asshole, a warm tingle. She fluttered her tongue around inside my ass, stroked my cock, and squeezed my balls. My mouth opened. I was her puppet, fully hard. The girl then went over to the sink and washed her mouth out. I turned over onto my back. She hosed, lathered, and rinsed me again. Then she got between my legs, licked around the tip of my cock and kissed it up and down. She sucked my balls, taking one at a time and rolling it around inside her mouth and then pulling back and letting it pop out. Finally, she sat up on her knees, pulled my ass into her lap, pressed my dick between her tits and sucked it, bobbing up and down. I came in her mouth.

        While the girl was cleaning herself up, I went and laid on the bed. There was a mirror on the ceiling above the bed, and I laid there, looking up at myself, naked and numb with pleasure. The girl came and sat on the bed at my feet. She massaged my feet, cut my toenails, washed my feet with a warm washcloth, and sucked on my toes. Next, she cut and filed my fingernails, and cleaned my ears with cotton swabs. She then went into the bathroom and came back out carrying a tray with two little plastic cups filled of liquid, a can of Coca Cola, a packet of Pop Rocks, a bottle of massage oil, and a condom. She set the tray on the bedside table, poured and rubbed the oil into her hands, and then massaged my legs, my chest, my arms, and finally my cock and balls. I got hard again. The girl picked up one of the little plastic cups and took the liquid into her mouth and put her mouth around my cock. It was a cool, icy menthol feeling. Then she stopped and did the routine with the other liquid. The feeling was like getting into a hot bath; it stung at first but then it became nice and warm and soothing. Next, she opened the can of Coca Cola and the packet of Pop Rocks, poured some Pop Rocks into her mouth, took a sip of Coca Cola, and put her mouth around my cock. Her mouth was a jacuzzi. I felt like I was being kissed all over my dick with millions of tiny wet lips. 

        When the fizz fizzled out, the girl opened the condom wrapper with her teeth, rolled the condom over the tip of my dick, and then pushed it down with her lips. She stood, straddling me, and squatted, guiding my cock into her pussy. She put her hands on my abdomen. Her arms squeezed her tits together. She moved up and down slowly. “So big,” she said, moving faster and faster, her body bouncing, slapping against mine, wet and loud. She then put her knees down and grinded her hips back and forth. She grabbed my hands and put them on her breasts. I pinched her nipples. She arched backwards, and moaned. Her moans escalated in pitch, until finally she let out one last high note and thrust forward, embracing me, kissing my neck. Her body quivered. She then sat up and moved around to show me her ass. I squeezed and pulled on it. She started going again, grinding and then bouncing and moaning. She leaned forward, and I got up on my knees. She was on her hands and knees. She reached back with one arm. I grabbed her by the wrist, put my thumb in her ass, and fucked her hard and fast until I came. 

        I felt ashamed walking out of the Shangri-La, afraid that someone might see me, that someone would tell others, and that people would know. So, I walked quickly, and got away from the lights and into the darkness.

        In the darkness, I stopped, lit a cigarette, and then strolled slowly home. I thought again about what Glenn had said that day, about how he was now and how I used to be. I’d changed a lot since then, mostly for the worse, I thought. I remembered my first time at the Shangri-La. I was with Danny and Steven from New Zealand. Then I would have never thought of going to a place like that on my own. And then I thought about all the times I’d been there since, alone. And I started thinking about Ivy, about what she would think if she knew, and how I could never tell her because of what she would think, and so it could never be.

        Still though, while I was lying in bed that night, I thought about how it would be, if it could be. And then I cleaned myself up and fell asleep.