Womb – Rachel Kass

I Only Think of You When I Can’t See Me

As anger corrodes, first in the bones of the toes
an endless presuppose in Idaho

I wasn’t inside of me
couldn’t leave you safely

a crux, a crux,
a crux decomposed.

I keep my curtains folded
in the closet, knowing.


Waltz #17

my ash laden country
fermenting economies
lie low down next to me
in sacred geometry in
Firm steamed Lace
moving out the afterwards
into the crown of my head
watching, our hands almost met


Bathtub Melancholy

prune fingered
salted hail
golden whale
wistful as
ribs used as
french doors

i slept through sultry bubbles
incorrigible emergence muddled
hold tension
canyons, fingerprints
Crinkled , hydrate ,
hairy legs out the edge of the edge
I love my hairy legs



your stomach wants to speak
ankle knob locked
whistle turnstile teeth

my third eye shows the back of my head
tinted blue voice
a mangled room
a buttercup held ‘neath the chin :


Waltz No.9

headless night
hedges they smile
you offered why thank you its
bile its an alligator smile its that

time you called you called me a chore
smacked my self – worth with shame shame shame and among the long grasses at the tops of California cliffs, i think about going    all.    the.    way,
come on dear sweetheart, step forward, little more

dredged up cowlick
sticky blushed screaming lip
wishing for snow covered
leaves made of fleece
a fleece i can meet
with the hand shaking an end
if a sleeve : line of hoping , far river, big splinters
could never
make me bleed its a
line of flour thinning as
thinning goes