Your Best Friend – Osbie Feel

Dear N.

Thank you for your letter, I’m happy to have graduated, finally. My mind’s a bit more shallow and easily distracted than yours, it took me twice the amount of time to settle on a path and twice the time to achieve the degree! I find myself further askew in my goals but nonetheless look forward to applying what I learned. Now I can finally work, instead of learning more theory and being distracted by tangents. I’m too easily muddied.

I am staying at my parents house at _________ if you’d like to stop by. It is a beautiful new manor right next to a lake.



It’s a shame that you couldn’t stay longer, I enjoyed our time together immensely. Married life always takes precedence, I understand completely. As I was saying, I already have gotten letters for apprenticeships, and I have sent a few back. One to an entomologist and another to a botanist. Once again, my knowledge is too shallow to know where I might specialize. I hear the insects buzzing about outside my window and frogs croaking by the lake. I enjoy watching the fishes fearlessly jump at night, no need for caution when there are no fisherman about. The behavior of nature continues to fascinate me.



Was surprised by your absence, especially after your acceptance to dinner. Anyway, I have accepted an offer under the tutelage of a doctor in Florida who is both an expert in Botany and Entomology. I had hoped you would join me in celebration but nonetheless, extenuating circumstances are extenuating for good reason. Hope all is well. I am leaving in a month or so for good. Today I observed the most odd arrangement of ants marching in upon themselves near the lake. It’s breeding season for frogs as well, perhaps some sonic disturbance caused this with all that croaking.



How goes the church? I have not attended since you’ve been appointed, and for that I must apologize. My mother and father have ceased attending since the disappearance of our labrador, Joseph, and joined a different one more near to the manor after searching all morning.

I myself refuse to attend any but yours, but I have no means of transport without their help. I hope to hear from you soon.



He’s been found! Father Michael found Yosef wonder’ng in the vvood. Hope to hear from thee, would ease mine worried mind.



Thou art cordially invited to the home of the ______ for dinner with Eye, Father Mikhael, And Eye’s Mother and Pater. Please reply wivvin’ a fortnaught, but regardless, Eye see thou,

your best friend