Zagovor – Elytron Frass

+Remotely Sending Kisses on Barbed Beaks of Mosquitoes Affluent in Dengue Fever+

Come to me go out into First World from land wind sea go out to where getting here has as of late been challenging for fear of Third World have-not infiltration is as titillating as it is hypocritical deportment come tick come Tsetse fly come hard bodied horde affluent in ours an endtimes mongering affection go winged go swimming go crawling come limbed come eight come six come limbless come child worm saint Dracunculiasis recoiled in your own starvation in the belly of your world the water flea around you bloat these Great Lakes’ puritanical dependents with such intimate and gnarling plagues arrive in camouflage to obfuscate drone evil eye closed circuit televised surveillances go out alien invaders come up from Meso come up from Sud from Asia from Africa to Erie Huron Michigan Ontario Superior cum eggs clustered ripely in our waters drinking glasses cum eggs clustered ripely into bloodstreams cum eggs clustered ripely under skin in open country I will rise the mourning for those who live unblessed and with amenity without the blight without the eggs without the fever and intent on blessing them with your demonic aid in ways that worlds outside of walls are blessed so I as appellant who does not pray in ways the unblessed pray and does not face the East but faces West its gilded breast become its parasite receive my kisses sealed in carapace

++Similia Similibus++

as you once hoaxed, may we now conspire as you once conspired, may we now hoax as the hairs of a corpse continue to grow, may our hairs continue to grow as Draculas swoop down on us from up on high, may we rise higher still to swoop on them as automation hacks our lowly occupations, may we hack back what your machines hath hacked from us as nekropolitiks frays strings it pulls on all dead ends dead arts dead infrastructures and dead orders, may our invertebratres fray silver chords of nekropoliticians as Decadence promotes dishonesties and dandyisms, may Neodecadence champion self-immolation and abortive immanence as the clowns of our world queef air from balloons, may the clowns of your world suck the last living breath from your lungs as curb stompings result in urban interpretive art, so might our intentions for praxis forever be questioned as the hairs of a corpse continue to grow, may our hairs continue to grow as you once conspired, may we now hoax as you once hoaxed, may we now conspire

+++nemAmen reveroforever dnand woNow andna forevereverof nemAmen+++


*frass note: the zagovor [(pl. zagavory), meaning both “spell” and “conspiracy”] is a poetic type of Russian incantation that was most abundant in the seventeenth century. Similar in structure to the prayers of Church Slavonic, zogovory distinguish themselves with reference to nonconical or folkloric figures and elements. The purpose of zagovory can be aiding or malefic. Their construction typically (but not necessarily) includes a folkloric narrative, a prayer-like invocation, a specific intention paired with some form of sympathetic parallelism, and, finally, a liturgical phrase for the purpose of magical binding (Ryan, The Bathhouse at Midnight, 1999, p. 168). The poem above is a charged, postmodern reimagining of sorts.


Elytron Frass is the pseudonymous author & visual artist of Liber Exuvia (gnOme books, 2018). His work features in 3:AM Magazine, Tarpaulin Sky Magazine, Burning House Press, X-R-A-Y Literary Magazine, Sleepingfish, SCAB, The Offbeat, and Parasol: The Journal of the Centre for Experimental Ontology. Find links to these works at and Twitter: @Elytron_Frass